Terms of Use and Copyright Information

  1. Introduction
  2. Use of Content
  3. Submissions
  4. Rules of Conduct
  5. Outside Links and Advertisers
  6. Liability
  7. Updates/Contact Information
  8. Copyright

1. Introduction:

Welcome to www.youandmemagazine.com (“the magazine” or “the website”) Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before using the website. By using the website you agree to these terms and conditions.

We are independently owned and operated and are not part of any larger organization.

The content of the website is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or make any treatment recommendations whatsoever. Never change you medical treatment based on something you see on the website. Always consult with your health care professional before making any changes in your treatment.

Some of the owners, contractors or posters on the website may be or have been medical professionals. These professionals are in no way diagnosing, treating or making treatment recommendations and are not establishing any professional relationship whatsoever with any readers of the website.

Many of our features mention particular hospitals, drugs, treatments or decisions as part of the authors’ experiences. The magazine in no way endorses or recommends any particular hospital, treatment, medication or other course of action.

The internet by its nature is about connectivity. The website cannot control any link, advertiser, or other entity (for example, webhost, site statistic program, payment gateway) that may be associated with the website.

The website is targeted towards adult users, and features frank discussion and articles are a variety of medically related topics including such topics as sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, end-of-life-issues and suicidality. If you feel you would be disturbed by such content you may not want to read the magazine.  Parents may wish to decide whether or not their children should view the website.

2. Use of Content

The website itself is copyrighted to AleCat LLC. Any non-personal use of this website that is not allowed by US copyright law is prohibited, unless express written consent is given by AleCat LLC. See the copyright page for details on what is and is not allowed. Contents of the website may also in certain cases by copyrighted to users and authors – see the copyright information below.

3. Submissions

There are two kinds of submissions:  Solicited and unsolicited.

a. Solicited submissions. These are submissions sent to the editor for possible purchase as a feature for the website. Solicited submissions are only to be sent to the link submissions@youandmemagazine.com and should be identified as a “query” or “possible article” or similar language by the submitter. The magazine will make every effort to make sure that a solicited submission is identified as such, but the submitter is responsible for making sure that this is clearly communicated. The magazine assumes no liability for misidentified submissions. Do not send attachments with the initial query, as we cannot open unsolicited attachments. It is recommended that you send only a description or short excerpt of your work in the initial email. Copyright and rights granted are based on the agreement that is made between the creator and the website in each individual sale.

b. Unsolicited submissions. These are all other additions of content such as personal pages, blog entries, pictures, links, comments or other user added content. By placing comments on the web site you agree that they are the property of the website. The website does not claim owner site of material such as blogs, pictures, articles, links, and so on placed on user profiles, but in placing such material on the website you agree that the magazine can alter, delete or modify such material at will.

 Changing an unsolicited submission into a solicited one is solely at the discretion of the magazine.

4.  Rules of Conduct

Please do not place any information on the website that you do not wish to make public. DO NOT PLACE OTHER PEOPLE’S PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE. If such information involves health care information this is a criminal act in many jurisdictions and punishable by fine or imprisonment or both.

The magazine will remove any material it deems unacceptable or inappropriate to the purposes of the magazine.

Inappropriate material may include (but is not limited to) harassment, derogatory or defaming statements, copyright violations, or material primarily concerned with selling products or services. (The magazine is happy to sell advertising space to all legitimate businesses.)

Violations of this policy may lead to loss of access privileges. Decisions about access and loss thereof are the sole prerogative of the website and all decisions are final. The website will not discuss these decisions with any party.

The magazine assumes no liability for information posted by users directly onto the website.

5. Outside Links and Advertisers

The website assumes no liability of the results of clicking on any link on the website.

The website does not control other web entities, and makes no warranty or guarantee about any advertiser or outside material placed on the site.

Be aware that advertisers may be using tracking or information gathering devices in their programming.

The website does not endorse any product featured on the website.

6. Liability

Use of this website is at the user’s own risk. The website is not responsible for any occurrences or actions, good or bad, which may arise out of the use of this website. The website is not responsible for any damages of any kind that may be associated with the use of this website.

7. Updates/Contact Information

The magazine reserves the right to make any changes to these terms and conditions at any time with no advance notice required. Please check for changes or watch for announcements on the site of updates.

For questions or concerns you may contact the magazine at info@youandmemagazine.com


Use of this website constitutes agreement to abide by the copyright policies of this website and the copyright laws of the United States of America.  Please read the copyright statement before using the website.

Copyright refers to the exclusive  right of the makers of a creative work to sell, show, or otherwise use the work they create.  Unless they sell or give permission to do so, no one else may use or reproduce the work.

ALL creative works are copyrighted AUTOMATICALLY immediately upon creation. The creator does not have to mark the work with any symbols or register it with the government.

Copyright is property and when the creator dies, if he or she still has the copyright, the heirs inherit the right. Just because someone is dead or unavailable does not mean the work can be used without permission. Some, but not all, works created  before 1922 are not copyrighted, but it is not safe to assume that a particular older work is free to be used without researching for any owner.

This applies not only to “for-profit” use but also for any public use, including educational or non-profit use. You cannot legally copy and use another’s work for school or church classes, for example, without permission.

You can use the work for personal use – usually this is described as “one-copy” on web policies, and this is usually a safe statement, however the number of copies is immaterial- it is the intent that matters.

You can use short excepts for quotes or make a parody.


COPYING SOMETHING WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM A WEBSITE ONTO YOUR WEBSITE, BLOG, PERSONAL PAGE ETC. IS A VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT LAW. There are substantial financial penalties for violating copyright law, enough so that it might be worth someone’s while to hire a lawyer and go after you.

All material on www.youandmemagazine.com (“the website” or “the magazine”) is copyrighted and may not be used without permission. The actual site, and some of the content is copyrighted to AleCat LLC. The articles, pictures and some other material are copyrighted to their creators.

To use material on the site, contact the poster or the creator/author/artist directly for permission. The website cannot negotiate permission for you.

The website does not knowingly use copyrighted material without permission. If you see something that you feel is being used without permission contact the website at info@youandmemagazine.com.  If the status of the item is unclear we will remove it until the situation is clarified. If copyrighted material has inadvertently been placed on the site, it will be removed as soon as possible.

The website is not liable for damages that may be incurred, either direct or indirect from the posting of copyrighted material on the website without permission.