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super senses autism
Heightened senses don't always make you a superhero.
Doctors and Patients  You and Me Magazine
Sometimes you wonder what it will take to be heard.
Trauma: How This Smile Was Born
I sat in silence as I waited for my plate, the thing I swore I would never wear
It's only a small thing when it happens to someone else.
Have Faith: Cushing's Syndrome
What can you do when the cure might be worse than the disease?
Dragon In My Bones
The dragon is bipolar disorder. It breathes fire and smoke through a veil of delusions of grandeur, sudden fits of paranoia and anger and depression.
My Inner Fat Girl
Don't hate me because I'm thin.
I'm too young for my life to be over
I'm too young for my life to be over!
Cancer: Changing My Story
Sometimes we have to change, but that's not always a bad thing.