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If someone were to read our blog entries, they might be wondering; what do you have to say about “Coronavirus” or “COVID19” now, You&Me? You were all about not panicking a couple of weeks ago, but what about now? We still have the same advice: Don’t panic. Don’t make any mistake. We are not advocating that anyone deliberately go out and catch a potentially serious respiratory illness. But we are also saying that yes, the snowball of CYA and hysteria and media hype has produced an amazing reaction to what is actually not a very novel threat at all. Every year a fast-spreading debilitating...
You may have been hearing a bit about something called “coronavirus” in the news recently. Coronavirus, or to give it its common name “a cold,” has been generating quite a bit of media panic. You’ll read scare headlines like “It can spread before you know you have it!” You know, just like every virus. I just read that one of the towns near me has canceled their Chinese New Year celebration because…well, I’m not sure why. Maybe being the presence of people of Chinese descent regardless of where they live, or just looking at dragon puppets will make you sick? Maybe to be extra safe, you’d...
To all our valued contributors: Please note we have a new submissions email: Thank you very much for your interest in our magazine!
Attention potential contributors. We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our submission portal. We hope to have this fixed ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
You&Me is reopening to submissions at this time.
Hi to all our valued contributors. We have had another onslaught of wonderful queries (the usual result of some "writer's market" web site deciding to feature our site, which BTW they do without any input or permission from us, in case you wondered.) Therefore, in order to spare you unnecessary work, we are now closed to submissions. We will post when we have a date that submissions are open again. Thanks!
Unfortunately, You&Me lacks the resources to dialogue with all our potential contributors. And even more unfortunately, we are not able to accept submissions from all those who query us. So we have created this blog post with an update on "why was my story not accepted?" in hopes that it will answer that question for those that wish to know. Here are the chief reasons we cannot use a queried submission--not necessarily in order, but mostly so. 1. The query was for a work that was not within our content guidelines. For example: poetry, cartoons, fiction, advertising, "guest posts," factual...
The editorial we, that is. After a well-deserved break (the first in nine years!) the "editorial staff" is back to work. We are also very pleased and excited to be bringing you a host of great new articles over the next few months, so don't forget to visit us frequently.
Here at You&Me we are looking forward to a happy and productive 2017 for all as we enter our 11th (!) year of publication. Best wishes to everybody for the new year!
It has come to our attention that there may be malicious spam out there with a email address such as "" We do not send ANY emails using "something at youandme...etc" so if you get such as email do not open it or any attachments and delete it. Thanks