Oh, Hey, It’s Affiliate Links

We are going to experiment with some affiliate links in the upcoming weeks, so we are writing this post to give our readers a heads-up.

Most likely, in 2021, anyone who has been on the Internet for more than fifteen minutes in their life knows what an affiliate link is. But if you are unfamiliar, these are the hyperlinks, either as web addresses or highlighted words that you see in articles on web sites, that lead you to another web page where you can shop for whatever that merchant sells.

Why do websites do this? Because if you do buy something, our website gets a little payment, in gratitude for the business, and to encourage us to continue to send them some of the same. You the reader don’t have to pay anything, although of course, you do get the “cookies” and so on that every commercial website puts on your computer these days (whether you went to their page from an affiliate link or not), but we just mention this as an FYI.

 Given the nature of our content, we at You&Me are grateful that we have not had to personally try out everything in the linked stores. However, we do research each merchant, and try our best to make sure they have legitimate, helpful products that might be of interest to our community.

Also, these links have nothing to do with the authors of the articles, but are solely the responsibility of the magazine. Therefore, we do not put the links into the actual articles, but instead you will see them in their own little area, clearly identified and separate from the actual text.

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