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Andy Warhol famously said “in the future, etc.” but fame today is not some much attenuated in time, but in intensity, Nowadays the world is full of people who are a little bit famous. Not so 80 or 90 years ago. If you could somehow break through the fame barrier you were a lot famous. You fame was lasting and everybody knew who you were; Picasso, Garbo, Hemingway. Ah, Hemingway. Being a famous writer in the first third of the 20th century was a great gig. You were a celebrity, with paparazzi following you around and people asking your opinions on things you knew nothing about, but better than...
We're starting a "blog." It will be a place for some new topics, some medical history, images, factoids and some thought provoking (we hope) topics. You'll be exposed to our new series "Celebrity Maladies," which looks at the medical history of famous people of the past, and the rumblings of "Doc Contrarian" a doctor with a unique viewpoint on medical topics, among others.