Contributors: The Amys


Our contributors are a talented bunch. We’re always amazed at the amount of creative work they’ve created. We’d like to use some blog posts to focus on their “extracurricular” activities in a little more depth.

Today’s post is called the Amys because we have been gifted with no less than four contributors named Amy (or Amye, but we’re counting it.)

In no particular order:

Amy Browne, author of “Bell’s Palsy: No Hope,” “Lawnmower Accident” and “Heart Attack: Never Too Young” is living a quiet life as far as the internet is concerned.

Amy Oestreicher, author of “Perchance to Dream” is a performer who does a one-woman show and works in multiple media,

Amye Archer, author of “Dementia: Choices” is a poet and has a website,!

Amy Estoye,  author of “Chronic Disease: You Look Great” puts her creative spirit to work on her Facebook page

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