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spinal rehab community friends
In rehab we were all damaged in some way or another. There was nothing to...
1 week 5 days BY BETH SUTTON
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how to comfort a dying patient
“Have you ever thought about dying?” so asked so softly I could barely...
1 year 6 months BY VICKI ROSS
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talking about cancer years later
Once the IVs and chemo ports are removed, the radiation treatments and...
1 year 7 months BY EILEEN ROSENBLOOM
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unexpected help cancer
And I’m still thinking, maybe angels still don’t exist, at least not in a...
1 year 9 months BY AMY ROSENBERG
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The Tissue Room
Maybe there is a good news room and a bad news room – a room with a good...
2 years 10 months BY SAM ROSE
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Thyroid disease and pregnancy
Be careful what you ask for...
2 years 11 months BY JENNIFER L.
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St Gerard (photo by Vito Calise)
Faith can make you believe that you will survive...
3 years 3 months BY MARLENE COCCHIOLA
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Emergency Room: Fear and Consequences
I only saw the patient once, but she changed my life.
3 years 4 months BY MARY ALICE
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diagnostic studies
It was about time to finish my exhausting and draining week on a Friday...
3 years 5 months BY PARAMPREET KAUR
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Honoring Myself: Thyroid Disease
Sometimes it's important not to be rushed...
3 years 6 months BY LISA HUTCHISON
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