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Ant Man
I only discovered the ants yesterday, crawling around at my dad’s feet in...
2 years 11 months BY MELISSA JANISIN
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The Rollercoaster; My Mother's Last Days
The woman lying in the hospital bed did not look or act like my mother. I...
4 years 2 months BY JANICE LEILANI
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Visiting the old folks home
A visit to the "old folk's home."...
6 years 1 month BY REUBEN FINCH
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Dementia: Finding a Place
Her only comment was "I've come to this."...
7 years 2 weeks BY ETHEL GEARY
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Mother-in-law with dementia
Dementia can affect all members of a family...
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soothing dementia
One woman finds a way to help her Dad.
7 years 12 months BY ELLEN DENTON
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Life and Death in the Emergency Room
Emergency rooms and their disturbing world are much better places to...
10 years 6 months by Tom Bentley
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Cooper Family Occasion
For several years Denise Cooper cared for her demented mother and her...
10 years 9 months by Denise Cooper
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