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pitch perfect movie changed my life
Only one movie truly changed my life.
1 year 3 months BY MAX EVERHART
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woman with chest pain in the ER personal stories
I’m a critical care cardiac nurse, but the day I had crushing chest pain,...
1 year 3 months BY LINDA APRIL
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emergency room suicidal stories
Last year, I did a really good job of not killing myself.
1 year 7 months BY KLYS RENARDSON
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broken rib personal story
Just a bad day.
1 year 11 months BY NATALIE WALSHE
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Tonsillar abcess quinsy
I could have died. Soon I’ll stop dwelling on it.
2 years 8 months BY MAISSA BESSADA
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The White Room: An Emergency Encounter
Without fully understanding what I was doing, I threatened suicide...
2 years 8 months BY DEJA DAYTONA
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Altitude Sickness
“Oh, God, make it stop,” I prayed. “This is supposed to be a vacation!”
3 years 1 month Stephanie Allen Crist
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Emergency Room: Fear and Consequences
I only saw the patient once, but she changed my life.
3 years 4 months BY MARY ALICE
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There we were in a Mexican ER
And there we were, in a Mexican ER...
4 years 12 months BY TAMIKO QUAN
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Lawnmower Accident
A slice of (lawnmowing) life.
7 years 8 months BY AMY BROWNE
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