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MRKH syndrome personal story
One question I got from a peer once was, so are you a boy?
Posted 11 months 2 weeks ago BY JANELLE FARABAUGH
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ameloblastoma surgery story
Risa Nye updates us on her progress with her ameloblastoma.
Posted 11 months 2 weeks ago BY RISA NYE
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endometriosis personal story
Microwaving anything seems bad.
Posted 11 months 3 weeks ago BY JOSIE RABBITT
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associative agnosia personal story
From kindergarten through sixth grade, I don’t think any of my pals knew I...
Posted 11 months 3 weeks ago BY MICHAEL FEDO
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back pain and college
I felt like an embarrassing disgrace.
Posted 11 months 4 weeks ago BY MICHAEL SMITH
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chemotherapy and my hair
My son would look at me and say, “Mommy, when is your hair going to come...
Posted 12 months 2 days ago Kai McGee is
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walking with HHV-6
A promise is a promise.
Posted 1 year 4 days ago Corinne Corley lives
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mothering and lupus
I thought that if I didn’t make a big deal of it, Tyler and Kylie wouldn’t...
Posted 1 year 2 weeks ago BY DANA BAKER
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real men don't wear glasses?
Can a "real man" have poor vision?...
Posted 1 year 3 weeks ago BY CHRISTOPHER DALE
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Self Injurious Behavior Personal Story
A look on the inside of self injury. Please be aware may contain "...
Posted 1 year 1 month ago BY DANIELLE LILLY
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cerebral malaria pesonal story
They just don't see a lot of malaria in the Midwest...
Posted 1 year 1 month ago BY DAVID LLOYD
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pitch perfect movie changed my life
Only one movie truly changed my life.
Posted 1 year 3 months ago BY MAX EVERHART
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