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Today we are taking a look back at some of our earliest contributors (2008! We still published on paper!) and wondering what they are doing now.

Mary Weeks-Ayala, http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/colon-cancer-death-sentence-rev... unfortunately did not live much longer after her article was originally published. She passed away December 22, 2008.


We’ve probably given a shout out to Amanda Rippen (White) http://www.amandarippenwhitephotography.com/ before. But we’ll do it again, because she’s just so talented. Amanda Rippen did some of our best illustrations, including http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/bipolar-disorder-reins-of-wild-... and http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/bone-marrow-transplant-yossis-s...

Dale Yelich http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/kidney-disease-the-other-side-o... remains a prolific writer on DIY and hobbyist topics.

David Eyes http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/liver-transplant-delirium-reind... is a successful executive.

Erica Jacques http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/after-the-fall-occupational-the... has a blog https://ericajacques.wordpress.com/  but the last entry is from 2011.

We experimented with some reviews back in the day, including this one by Jennie Kermode of Glasgow. http://www.youandmemagazine.com/articles/caregiving-in-the-movies


She has a blog too and the last entry is fairly recent -2014 talking about the Scottish Independence Referendum. Nothing about Brexit yet.

Is it just us, or has blogging as a form of personal expression really died off in the past five years? We here at You&Me have been so used to reading inactive blogs, that the other day we were following a series of articles and it ended in mid-stream and we were disappointed…then we looked at the date on the entry and realized that the series was still in process! Weird, no?

And on a related note many of our early contributors had, back in 2008,  very personal, very interesting blogs—all gone now, a causality of the end of the Internet Age of Innocence.



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