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mystery rash story
What could be causing this rash?
7 months 3 weeks BY CATHY HESTER
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mystery hives in Québec City
It had never happened to me before. It started at the base of my skull and...
1 year 11 months BY SANDRA BENDER
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vitiligo personal story
The title says it all.
2 years 3 days BY MARY ROBERSON
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contact dermatitis hairdressing
What do you do when your body changes your plans?
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Living with Severe Psoriasis
There is always a look. Always a question. Always a flash of disgust.
5 years 3 months BY M.JAMESON
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Rosacea personal story
“I never thought I’d enjoy going out with a girl with acne,” he said.
6 years 4 weeks BY ABBY WILLIAMS
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Bullous Pemphigoid personal story
Two things I've always wanted to avoid- poor health in my old age and...
7 years 3 months BY ETHEL GEARY
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Medical Decisions and Outcomes
Decisions about treatments-sometimes the results are good, and sometimes...
8 years 6 months BY MARION L.
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