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marathon with diabetes
An emotional journey of marathoning with diabetes.
2 years 10 months BY ERIN DOLAN
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Maggots used to clean wounds
So, what's it like to do the maggot thing?...
6 years 1 month BY VIC WARREN
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The Dangers of Diabetes
When mum recovered from surgery, she realised that her leg was missing...
7 years 3 months BY BEAUTY NCUBE
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Diabetes  insulin pump dating
All I knew was that when people talked about what made someone hot, they...
7 years 7 months BY TARA LEIGH
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don't amputate my foot please
It began with a blister...
7 years 11 months BY RD ARMSTRONG
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Diabetes: Tear Down the Wall
“All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.” My head nearly lifted...
9 years 4 months BY ERIC DEVINE
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Diabetes and Eating Disorder
I crawled into the doctors’ surgery and life as I knew it ended...
9 years 9 months BY EMMA MOIR
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Negative Emotions Aren't All Bad
Sometimes it helps to just get mad.
10 years 1 month BY NANCY JULIEN
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Diabetes: Sweetness
It’s midnight, and I am crouching in the dark watching a dim screen...
10 years 8 months by Melissa McGowan
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