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When Depression Swallowed Me
I knew that I had lost it. The ability to keep emotions under control had...
7 years 2 months BY ANURADHA MALHOTRA
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Schizophrenia sister story
From the vault-one of our favorite reports from our Indian correspondent,...
7 years 6 months BY RAMESH AVADHANI
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G6PD deficiency personal story
I ignored the pain. That was a mistake. ...
8 years 4 days BY SANTOSH DHEMRE
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chikungunya personal story
Chikungunya is the Makonde word for that which bends and describes the...
8 years 4 months BY RAMESH AVADHANI
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Balancing Three Types of Medication
Chief Indian Correspondant Ramesh Avadhani is back with a story on how one...
8 years 8 months BY RAMESH AVADHANI
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The Evil Eye of the Sun
Ramesh Avadhani, our chief Indian correspondant, is back with a story...
9 years 4 months BY RAMESH AVADHANI
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A Father's Heart
One of the most universal human experiences is watching our parents age...
9 years 9 months BY RAMESH AVADHANI
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One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is watch my mother’s head being...
9 years 11 months BY UMA GIRISH
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Infertility in India
Making the best of things: Two perspectives on infertility.
10 years 3 months BY MIA LAKHI
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