Contributors April 2010

Contributors April 2010
Some information from our contributors.
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Ramesh Avadhani lives in Bangalore and writes both fiction and nonfiction. His work has appeared in publications in Europe, India, USA, and Australia. You can find more details about him here:

George Burden is a family physician, a 1978 graduate of Dalhousie University, who has practiced for over twenty-five years in the village of Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.  He has had an active twenty year career as a freelance writer, with a focus on travel, but with publications encompassing the gamut of medical-history, human interest, humor, poetry and fiction.  Dr. Burden has placed articles with markets as diverse as The Readers Digest, The Halifax Sunday Herald, The Medical Post, Funny Times, The Writer and Just For Canadian Doctors among many others. His adventures have taken him from the depths of the ocean to the cockpit of a CF-18 fighter jet, from Antarctica to the palace of the King of the Ashanti.  He presently serves with the Manhattan based Explorers Club as a Director-at-Large for the Canadian Chapter.  Dr. Burden published his first book, Amazing Medical Stories co-authored with Dorothy Grant, in May of 2003 with Goose Lane Editions. 

Roxanna Guilford-Blake lives in metro Atlanta with her husband, the writer Evan Guilford-Blake. Roxanna writes primarily about health, medicine and the business of healthcare, but she’s covered everything from property taxation to social media. When she’s not reading or writing, she plays with polymer clay.

Eric Devine’s This Side of Normal  is available through Long Tale Press ( and Amazon (   Personal Blog:

M.T. Hoyer is a freelance author and editor, as well as a father and husband. You can contact him at

Denise Murphy is a freelance writer and a novelist.  She is the author of “In Yahweh's Hands.” and has won two Editor's Choice Awards for amateur photography and poetry.  She currently has articles on and  and can be contacted at

Kia Riddick-Taylor writes “I was a casting director for Nickelodeon before relocating in 2006 to Orlando Florida where I teach acting to kids and teenagers.  I spread awareness about Ovarian Cancer through my blog,  I am currently writing a book about my journey with cancer.”

Debby Simon is a freelance writer whose stories and articles have appeared in THE KANSAS CITY STAR Neighborhood News, STAR MAGAZINE, LAW TALK, USA TODAY ONLINE, and several anthologies.  She is also the publisher of an award-winning pet and wildlife animal newsletter and website, DAISY’S PAW PRINT NEWS (  )  She lives with her husband, daughter and rescued golden retriever in Kansas- (They are also proud parents of their  two sons, one in grad school, the other in college.) She is currently (finally!) working on her first novel.


Thomas Smith is an award-winning writer, essayist, playwright, reporter, and TV news producer. He divides his time between Raleigh NC and a house on the NC coast. His byline has appeared in many publications, from Alaskan Adventures magazine to Whitley Strieber's ALIENS. In addition to writing fiction and non-fiction, he teaches at writers conferences around the country, and mentors beginning writers. His web site is

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