Contributors January 2010

Contributors January 2010
Another installment in our (apparently) always popular Contributor sections.
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Cherie Brunetti has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Frostburg State University in Maryland. She lives near Pittsburgh, PA and began working from home when she became pregnant with her beautiful daughter.  She has been writing and editing for several years.  She enjoys writing about psychology, parenting, and pregnancy.  Please visit her website for further information:

Marie Dixon Frisch is a therapeutic clown and freelance writer. See more of her writing at

Kathy Rembisz is a freelance writer and editor as well as an author. She contributes regularly to a number of publications.

Angela Ricketts can be contacted at:

Alice Rose Marquette is a New England-based writer of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction.

Mikimi Steinberg writes:

Born in Boston, MA,  but grew up in Atlanta , GA. At the age of 16, I moved to Israel. Residing in Safed since 1983 where I raised my daughter. Writing is my therapy and outlet. At times I think I write better than I speak. I have been published in The Jewish Press, and anthology

BarbaraTwardowski has Charcot-Marie-Tooth--a progressive neuromuscular disease.  She believes laughing, especially at yourself, can ease the frustration of living with a disability.

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