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doctors appointments scary
So I sit in my chair—my wheelchair that is—and wait for yet another...
3 months 1 week BY BETH SUTTON
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forgetting after anesthesia
I had successful keyhole surgery and was discharged from hospital the same...
1 year 7 months Jim Webster
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my spine fell into my pelvis
“It feels like my spine collapsed into my pelvis,” I told the orthopedic...
1 year 8 months BY JILL HAND
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c section scary experience
I was terrified that I could not physically give birth to a child and that...
1 year 8 months BY STEPHANIE HYMAN
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having a trach personal stories
I was afraid my voice was gone for good. What if I had an emergency? I...
1 year 8 months BY SUZANNE STORMON
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uterus didephys hysterectomy complications
Attitude has a lot to do with what our journey will look like.
1 year 9 months BY KRISTI SHERWOOD
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kidney stones pregnancy story
I can’t help but think, what if my initial visits during my pregnancies...
1 year 10 months BY AMBER KIDDER
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Beep! Pain Management
I push the pain pump button. Nothing. I push it again. Nothing. BEEP...
2 years 6 months BY DESIREE SIMONS
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2 years 10 months
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2 years 11 months
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