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Contributors April 2009
New contributors April 2009
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Janel Atlas, a freelance writer and editor, lives in northern Delaware with her husband and two daughters. More than 350 of Janel's articles have appeared in various magazines, newspapers, and websites. Her interests include reading, cooking, and collecting ginkgo leaves. To contact Janel, please visit her website,

Neil Butters has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. He is a freelance medical writer and has written articles for both scientific and layperson audiences. He lives in Cornwall, Ontario. His e-mail address is 

Carol Gee has a website:  She writes a monthly column found at Writers Buzz and also writes a monthly career column, (Career Matters)  that can be found at

Kristi James and her husband, Massimo, have a home and farm in the Abruzzo but are currently living in Seattle, WA.  They spent a year working on the farm with Massimo’s family before realizing they were better suited for city life.  Kristi writes cultural humor essays and book reviews.  Kristi’s work can be found in Christian Science Monitor, You and Me Magazine, Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak (January ’09), and The American Magazine.
Christian Science Monitor

The American Magazine (printed & sold in Italy)

Wendy Komancheck has a website at

Joanne La Spina is the creator of a website, Food Allergy Assistant, designed to educate and support family and friends of people with food allergies.  You can catch her Monday Reviews each week on her food allergy blog. Joanne is also a regular contributing writer for and

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