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chemotherapy and my hair
My son would look at me and say, “Mommy, when is your hair going to come...
12 months 17 hours Kai McGee is
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St Gerard (photo by Vito Calise)
Faith can make you believe that you will survive...
3 years 4 months BY MARLENE COCCHIOLA
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Chemotherapy: Becoming Bald
I had plenty of other things to worry about, but still...
4 years 8 months By Patricia Cyr
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my brother's leukemia and me
I want people to read my story and know that you are never alone. Someone...
8 years 3 months BY CORI THACKERY
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Doctor as Patient
Many patients continuously complain about their doctor’s bed side manner...
9 years 6 months BY BARRY KRAYNACK
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