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ER Visit: From Provider to Patient
Let me fill you in that one big fear for a healthcare provider is going to...
3 years 2 weeks BY DANIELLE CURRIER
Emergency Room: Fear and Consequences
I only saw the patient once, but she changed my life.
3 years 8 months BY MARY ALICE
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mass-ive mystery hematoma
Short and sweet.
4 years 5 months BY KEVIN CARLSON
transient global amnesia
I used to think that amnesia was just a convenient plot twist that soap...
5 years 4 months BY LAURIE EYNON
Trauma: How This Smile Was Born
I sat in silence as I waited for my plate, the thing I swore I would...
5 years 8 months BY KAT FEATHERTON
It's only a small thing when it happens to someone else...
5 years 9 months BY KAT FEATHERTON
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Now You See It, Now You Don't: The Mystery Pupil
One Sunday afternoon, my 22-year-old daughter Teresa made an unscheduled...
8 years 1 month BY DIANNA GRAVEMAN
ruptured appendix story
Approximately two months prior to my fiftieth birthday I sensed this one...
8 years 7 months BY CLAIRE LUNA-PINSKER
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Eternally Grateful: Infant Meningitis Story
My son became suddenly ill when he was 14 days old. I stood there in the...
8 years 10 months BRIDGET R. ROBERTS
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Jan and Brian Healy: Stroke Emergency
I screamed, “Brian, you are having a stroke. I am going to call 911.” He...
8 years 11 months BY JAN AND