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Partial Gastrectomy
I didn’t intend or want to die. I just practiced denial like an art form.
3 years 1 month BY Patricia M.
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Altitude Sickness
“Oh, God, make it stop,” I prayed. “This is supposed to be a vacation!”
3 years 1 month Stephanie Allen Crist
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Post Partum Depression
Sharing even a slight glimpse into my past struggle is terribly agonizing...
3 years 4 months BY RENEE DAVIS
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Trisomy 18
You do your best to survive whatever way you can. But sometimes, something...
4 years 9 months BY ALEXIS ROSENBAUM
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Autism: A Friend in Need
A mother shares her experience...
5 years 1 week BY ANDREA PHILLIPS
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Dragon In My Bones
The dragon is bipolar disorder. It breathes fire and smoke through a veil...
5 years 6 months BY AKIL WINGATE
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My Stepson Has Cancer
Terrible news make a family stronger.
6 years 9 months BY KJ JACKSON
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Trichotillomania: Picking Purgatory
For over forty years I honestly believed that I was the only person on the...
7 years 4 months PATRICIA ANONYMOUS
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Mother-in-law with dementia
Dementia can affect all members of a family...
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my brother's leukemia and me
I want people to read my story and know that you are never alone. Someone...
8 years 3 months BY CORI THACKERY
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