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Seasonal Affective Disorder: Being SAD
SAD-it's an appropriate name...
5 years 5 months BY SASS ASHE
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When Depression Swallowed Me
I knew that I had lost it. The ability to keep emotions under control had...
7 years 2 months BY ANURADHA MALHOTRA
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Trichotillomania: Picking Purgatory
For over forty years I honestly believed that I was the only person on the...
7 years 4 months PATRICIA ANONYMOUS
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pregnant in mental hospital
I always felt that news of my pregnancy made her feel bad about her own...
8 years 1 month BY BRENDA NIEVES
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Fifty Years of OCD
This thought hit my consciousness like a bolt of lightning out of the blue...
8 years 4 months BY DAVID BERTHOLD
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Paranoid and Delusional Walks
I’m yelling at an empty room, having paused for a few minutes from...
8 years 11 months BY JOE MARKMAN
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Getting TMS at Yale
I have had treatment-resistant auditory hallucinations -- voices which...
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Adult Mental Health Concerns
Do you ever get so mad that everything just turns brown and white, and you...
11 years 1 week by Josh Booth
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