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obsessing over OCD
Obsessing over obsessing over obsessing...
6 months 3 weeks BY KATIE KENT
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Self Injurious Behavior Personal Story
A look on the inside of self injury. Please be aware may contain "...
1 year 1 month BY DANIELLE LILLY
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medication mental health side effects
Were my medications wrong for me?
1 year 5 months BY KLYS RENARDSON
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No Help For Phobias?
“God, why is the reception desk behind bullet proof glass?”
1 year 6 months BY KELLI AMSTRONG
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emergency room suicidal stories
Last year, I did a really good job of not killing myself.
1 year 7 months BY KLYS RENARDSON
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anxiety personal stroy
Anxiety doesn’t need permission to wrap its skeletal fingers around your...
1 year 10 months BY TORI RUSSELL
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surviving shooting myself personal story
In the fifteen months since my most serious suicide attempt, I can say...
2 years 8 months BY BEN SCHWIPPS
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Therapy taught me about love
I am wondering, exactly, just how I will be fixed when I start talking.
2 years 9 months BY ROBERT KINGETT
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The Abyss of Uncertainty
Sometimes the truth doesn’t necessarily exist at all or at least, isn’t...
3 years 4 months BY CASON BOYD
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Not what you expect...
3 years 12 months BY SHARON M.
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