You&Me Magazine Top Ten Personal Medical Stories of 2010

Top Ten Personal Medical Stories 2010
Wherein You&Me succumbs to the power of the internet and produces a top ten list...
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Counting down the top ten most popular pages (according to google) of 2010

10. Hairfall
A moving story about a mother's last illness and death.

9.Shadow of a Stillborn: An Account of Post Partum Depression
Two of the entries on our list are about post partum depression.

8. Broken Heart Don't Break Me

A young man describes one eventful summer in a life with congenital heart disease, and how his faith in God and his doctors helped him cope.

7. Dentistry: My New Braces

A positive article about how it feels a little strange to be getting braces when you're an adult.

6. Colon Cancer Death Sentence Reversed

Was it? We googled the author for this list, but found nothing either way...we decided we wanted to leave it like that.

5. Malaria: Baby Aimee
 Malaria is a huge world-wide health problem.

4. Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease; Wheelchair Lucy

A lighter look at the problems of reduced mobility.

3. Epilepsy: A Good Morning

A young girl and her mother and their struggles with intractible epilepsy.

2. Steriod Side Effects: Moonface 
Sometimes our feelings aren't what we have been told they should be.

1.Post Partum Depression

Perhaps our most popular article ever, and even if that's due to the spammers, it's still a great and poignant article and well worth a look.

What will be the most popular article of 2011? Perhaps be then we'll be ready for another list.


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