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sciatica personal story
It felt like somebody was murdering my leg.
1 year 7 months BY MILLY GRACE
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Long Hospital Nights
It’s lonely in the middle of the night, when the painkillers wear off.
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hip arthritis
I had suspected for a long time that I don’t like being pitied, and now I...
3 years 4 months BY CAROLYN FIELDS
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There we were in a Mexican ER
And there we were, in a Mexican ER...
5 years 2 weeks BY TAMIKO QUAN
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scoliosis surgery death sentence
Eventually my doctor and the surgical resident came in and had me sign...
5 years 2 months BY HANNAH MCDONALD
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first surgery personal story
Huh. I’ve never, ever, entertained the possibility of becoming an...
8 years 2 months BY ERICA CHAN
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Phantom Pain: As Real As It Gets
How strange to contemplate phantom as something that appears only in the...
9 years 12 months BY KATHE CAMPBELL
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fibromyalgia a fake?
I was a fake. I was a liar. I was putting on a show and looking for...
10 years 5 months BY CATHERINE NOBLE
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